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Our customers are online retailers and online portals with international ambitions. Among our customers, we have online platforms, eBay sellers,  retailers, fulfilment companies, courier companies and postal operators.

Online Retailers: take full advantage of cross border e-commerce

B2C Europe strongly believes the largest growth in e-commerce still lies ahead of us, and will require seamless cross border logistics to truly connect e-tailers with consumers around the globe.

The opportunities for cross border E-commerce are enormous. In Northern and Western Europe, 60 to 80 percent of internet users are shopping online. Yet only 13% of EU businesses are selling their products online. Although the internet connects companies with potential customers across the globe, e-commerce remains a relatively local affair due to logistic challenges and customs handling. At B2C Europe, we break down these barriers to help e-tailers achieve international e-commerce success.

B2C Europe increases the reach of an online store with easy, speedy, reliable international delivery, while reducing the costs and risks of international shipping.

Online platforms: help your sellers to expand in Europe

Online platforms , like eBay, Amazon, Zalando, Taobao and many more, will have to provide good logistics solutions and returns solutions, inlcuding local presence to support their sellers to expand in Europe.  B2C Europe is that partner that has all the assets to make that possible.

B2C Europe provides competitive cross-border delivery solutions with the lowest delivery costs to allow international retailers to compete with local players.

Fulfilment companies and postal operators: direct entry solutions all over Europe

If you are a 3PL provider, fulfilment company or  postal operator, you may simply want to add full international reach to your current local or transnational service portfolio. B2C Europe offers worldwide postal services for goods, business mail, direct mail and publications. We provide a wide range of flexible solutions for handling your international mailings, including priority, standard and registered or tracked services.

We provide Direct Entry Solutions and Corporate Mail Solutions to fulfilment companies, postal operators, global integrators and courier companies. Our local presence in international markets not only allows us to offer extremely competitive prices, but allows us to help improve the quality of distribution and service to your customers.