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  • France, Roissy

Location: Roissy
Name: B2C Europe (France) SAS
Services: Distribution & shipping from FR to EU, mail handling
AddressBat Les Loriot Paris Nord 2, 14 rue de la Perdrix, BP 46026 Tremblay en France, 95912 Roissy Ch De Gaulle Cedex
Telephone: +33(0)1 49 38 00 90

Based in Roissy, near Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, B2C Europe (France) provides smart delivery and return shipping solutions all over Europe, dedicated to online French retailers looking for distribution services to expand cross-border. B2C Europe (France) can also provide easy access to various distribution networks for foreign enterprises wishing to do business in France. B2C Europe (France) employees are fluent in English.


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