The new updated return policy for international retailers trading on Amazon EU platforms will have a significant impact on them and their customers. For the customers it means more flexibility and a better service, similar to the US market. However, for the retailers trading on the popular website, the new policies will create major issues. How will they be able to arrange a local return address immediately, according to the new policy, and still make profit? B2C Europe offers a smart and easy solution to this problem.

Smart solution, ready to implement
International retailers trading on the Amazon EU platforms are now required to offer the same convenience to their international customers as those in their domestic markets. This means that they have to provide a returns solution requiring a domestic return address in the country of the buyer or pay for the return shipping on all international returns. For a lot of sellers this will mean an urgent need for a local return solution. B2C Europe, the well known leading European expert in cross-border distribution, offers both a domestic address and a smart return solution using their proven software service, ReturnYourParcel

Single return process
Implementing a simple, easy-to-use returns service covering multiple countries is no walk in the park. B2C Europe is currently the only company able to offer return services via local post offices or convenience stores in 19 European countries via a single web interface. ReturnYourParcel is a simple, free to the consumer or paid by the consumer returns service for online retailers, translated into 16 languages. Online retailers can sell their products throughout Europe and provide a single returns process, without the need for costly investments in IT or International warehousing. ReturnYourParcel is the instant solution for online retailers, enabling them to keep selling internationally via Amazon, without stress and with happy customers!