3 ways to make your Christmas more sustainable

tips  December 19, 2018

The countdown to Christmas has begun. It is almost time for a social gathering with our loved ones, with good food, drinks and presents. However, Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden on the environment. With these tips you won’t have a white, but a green Christmas this year.

Shop online

Online shopping can be more environmentally friendly than visiting a store. The main reason for this is the reduced number of trips people make to stores. A delivery truck uses far less fuel per package than an equivalent number of people driving in person to pick them up. However, a precondition for this is that the entire purchasing process must be digital. And if you buy your gifts online, make sure you choose the most sustainable delivery option. This means that you must ensure that you are at home at the time of delivery, or that you have your package delivered to a pick-up point near your home. Also, consider the differences in shipping methods. Same day or one-day shipping tends to be much worse to the environment than slower shipping methods.

Online shopping can be more environmentally friendly than visiting a store

Reuse the packaging

Save postage bags and packing material throughout the year to reuse at Christmas time. You can also reuse undamaged gift wrapping from previous parties, or buy recycled wrapping paper. Pack your gift with the lowest possible carbon footprint. And make sure that when you shop in-store, you utilize re-usable shopping bags to reduce the number of plastic bags.

Buy sustainable gifts

Although Christmas is not all about the presents, they are of course warmly received! Minimise waste by buying sustainable gifts such as donations and experiences. You can also give a present that is made from recycled materials or second-hand gifts. Another option is to make your own gift. These gifts are often the most meaningful ones and you help to save the planet with them. A true win-win situation.

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