5 consejos básicos para aumentar el tráfico de tu tienda online
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5 Essential tips to increase traffic to your webshop

Make sure you don't miss out on opportunities! Read how to increase traffic to your webshop.

Due to the current circumstances, eCommerce is going through the roof. Some webshops even see the number of customers double! Therefore, more and more online opportunities are emerging, which also increases competition. That is why it’s important to stand out online and improve your ranking in search engines like Google. In this blog the marketing experts from B2C Europe would like to give you five tips to increase traffic to your webshop!

More visitors, more customers

When the traffic on your website increases, this not only means more visitors, but it equals more potential customers. The number of visitors to your website becomes the number of opportunities that let your business grow, by an increase in impressions, leads or to nurture the potential customer. Nurturing leads can ultimately turn into selling products from your webshop and therefore grow your business. In short, more visitors not only means more money, but also other factors that can grow your business.

Grow your business by driving more website traffic!

5 Tips to increase traffic to your webshop:

Tip 1: Target the right person on the right channel(s)

When you run an online business, it’s important to continuously improve your online visibility. It’s almost as important as making sure your product or solution is at its best. You can boost online presence through online advertising. Paid search results in Google, Social Media Advertising on Facebook and Display advertising on various websites are very effective ways to get visitors to your website. Each channel has its own pros and cons. It is essential to investigate on which channel your target audience is active, and then allocate budget for the various advertisements on these channels. Our advice is to always place multiple ads on one channel, so that you can measure which ad performs best.

Of course you want website traffic to lead to more sales for your business. To achieve this, you’ll need to target keywords with high commercial intent as part of your paid search strategy. This can be expensive because competitors are probably doing the same, but the likelihood that a consumer will buy your product is high.

So make a thorough profile of your ideal customer, set a budget, make sure you’re visible on the media this persona uses and attract their attention by offering a solution to a problem they might have. This will result in clicks to your webshop for sure!

Tip 2: Get active on social media

Content creation is a good incentive to get more website visitors. But you won’t get there with content alone, because you also have to ensure that the content reaches your audience. A reasonably cheap but effective way to increase traffic to your webshop is to use your social media channels.

Depending on the product and type of customer you want to target, you’ll need to put together a social media strategy. Instagram and Facebook are great for B2C products and solutions with shopping features that enable you to link directly to your webshop. Give time some cool behind the scenes info via stories, showcase products, news, tips and benefits on your feed and make sure you’re super appealing to your ideal customer. Opt for LinkedIn to connect with peers and partners. Or to give a more in-depth insight in your business and strategy.

Be careful and humble, as nothing is a bigger turn off than using your social media platform as a broadcast channel. That is why our advice is to use social media for where it was originally intended, to interact with your (potential) customers. As a result, you also build a community, which in turn has positive consequences for your brand.

Tip 3: Offer valuable content

You might think that blogging is a bit old school, but you’ll be surprised that it can actually help boost your sales. A blog on your website, or your blog on another website, can help increase the reputation of your product or service as you’ll be able to offer more qualitative information or insights. But even more so, your website will rank higher in Google if you incorporate the right keywords in your copy. This will eventually lead to more website visitors. Using special SEO tools such as Yoast will increase the quality of the blog article.

A good SEO strategy rests on three important pillars:

  1. Technic: structure, HTML, Sitemaps, mobile friendly
  2. Authority: links, interaction
  3. Relevance: content, keywords, readability

You can also team up with partners to blog on your website. This will not only improve your ranking in Google, but will also boost your online presence if the content is shared with these guest authors. Note that the blogs need to be high quality and relevant, because Google is cracking down on low-quality guest blogging. This will have negative consequences for the number of website visitors.

Tip 4: e-mail marketing

Another relatively cheap way of attracting website visitors is to use email marketing. Although increasing the number of subscribers can be quite a job, after the effort you can enjoy the benefits for a long time. Email marketing can be a powerful tool and significantly increase the traffic on your website. However, be aware that too many emails can be seen as spam and that in turn has a negative effect on your image. Therefore, find the right balance between the content and the number of emails you send out to increase traffic on your website. And use emails to link to the great blogs you’ve written 😉 .

Tip 5: analyse your data

To gain more insights into who exactly visits your website, you can get useful tools to gain more understanding from your target group. A free and very effective tool for this is Google Analytics. After correctly setting up Google Analytics, you can see exactly who visits your website, what behavior they display and whether they buy certain products (by setting goals). You can then use this data to set up future products, campaigns or content. If you own a webshop, tracking a must!

In short, there is plenty of work to be done! We hope the tips to increase traffic to your webshop will help you on the way.

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