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Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday 2021: 10 ultimate tips for webshops

With supply chain shortages and changing consumer behaviour, Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday (BFCM) could be particularly stressful for online shops this year. As an entrepreneur, should you also want to participate in this trend, which has been on the rise in recent years?

Black Friday is not only stressful, but can mean a huge spike in sales. B2C Europe likes to think along with you on how to achieve these milestones. Bart Waterschoot, content strategist and SEO expert via Contentoo, gives an annual Black Friday checklist in this article: with this checklist you tackle the biggest opportunities and most challenging problems and get the most out of this peak moment in online shopping.

If you want to get the most out of this year’s biggest (online) shopping event, it is crucial that you start planning as early as possible and put expectation management towards your customer. Because despite an atypical climate after the peak of the pandemic in 2020, BFCM is still a great opportunity for your online shop or platform to close the year on a strong note.

Facts about Black Friday

First, some statistics about Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday.

  • 97% of people know Black Friday
  • 37% plan to make purchases during Black Friday
  • BFCM is the biggest peak moment of the year in e-commerce (iDeal)
  • 60% wait to buy until Black Friday
  • 58% expect offers all week (30% – 40%)
  • 69% buy gifts (Christmas, birthday)
  • 62% convert before Black Friday (!)
  • 9 out of 10 Black Friday consumers with an excellent customer experience make a repeat purchase

As you can see, BFCM has become an integral part of e-commerce. Are you ready? Or do you still have a long way to go? Below you can read 10 ultimate tips to be well (or better!) prepared for Black Friday.

Black Friday: 10 ultimate tips

1. Start your Black Friday campaign early

Think well in advance about which products you want to highlight, instead of making a last-minute sale. View margins and inventory to find suitable discounts. You can of course link different promotions to different products. Is it an automatic discount, a flash discount or a price reduction to clear stock, for example? And who is this promotion for? Choose the products you want to hold a sale on and plan start dates and sale prices. This way, as Black Friday approaches, you can consult your plans instead of having to pick at the last minute.

When you’re ready to implement the promotions, make sure to use shareable discount links to make redeeming the discount codes even easier for your customers. This stimulates conversions without too much effort. And while it’s relatively easy to announce a Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday sale, creating excitement and buzz is often what makes a campaign a huge success.

Entice your customers with emails about what’s coming, post sneak peeks of upcoming promotions on social media and start teasing your customers, for example by counting down to a specific promotion. This creates urgency (3 hours and 13 minutes left, 2 more available). The sooner you start doing this, the more momentum you’ll have when you finally announce the action.

Additional marketing tips:

  • In the weeks leading up to BFCM, send “warm-up” emails with hints and teasers. Whether the BFCM offer is a discount, an exclusive product, free shipping, charitable donations, or a one-of-a-kind promotion, start creating buzz to get your subscribers warmed up. Also think about making exclusive offers to different customer segments, such as your VIP customers. By sending the mailings early, service providers are less likely to treat your email as spam.
  • Thank your customers when the sale ends. A follow-up email to keep your subscribers warm and thank them for shopping is always a nice touch. Keep in mind that buyers will receive order-related emails in the days after BFCM, so don’t over-communicate. Aim to set up an automated thank you email 5-7 days after BFCM is over.
  • Send abandoned cart emails. Before BFCM, make sure to email visitors who have abandoned their cart. This happens at a higher volume on BFCM, and an auto-triggered email helps capture some of those abandoned conversions.

2. Use the same landing page with accumulated SEO value every year

Chances are you probably wrote a landing page for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday last year as well. After this period you probably no longer needed this page and took it offline and that makes sense. However, the advice is not to do that! When you take the page offline, all accumulated rankings will disappear and ultimately traffic to your webshop. If you want to rock Black Friday this year, you’ll have to rebuild everything from scratch.

The best thing you can do is customise this landing page throughout the year. For example, you can refer to another promotion page, you can show products that are discounted or you give the option to subscribe to the Black Friday newsletter. When Black Friday is approaching again, make sure this page is updated. This way you keep your rankings and traffic on the website!

3. Optimise meta descriptions

And when you have maintained your landing page with a good Google ranking, it is essential that this page is up-to-date. It would be a shame that potential buyers would find your webshop in Google, but see in the results that it concerns Black Friday 2020, instead of Black Friday 2021. Therefore adjust your meta descriptions to the correct years!

4. Customer journey: don’t just focus on conversion, play on orientation

Enough about landing pages. More about Black Friday. Black Friday is an imported trend from the US and in the beginning only lasted one day. These days you have Black Friday week and all the sales that precede it. That is why it’s important to focus on the orientation of the consumer, just before Black Friday.

Consumers are looking for the best deals in late November as early as October. For example, you can count down to Black Friday on your webshop, you can send out a Black Friday newsletter and you can already delight consumers with the expected discounts. This way they will soon know that they have to be on your webshop on Black Friday.

5. Provide convenience for your (new) customers

How can you ensure that customers are sure to make a purchase from you during Black Friday? Or even better: how can you get them to make a purchase now, and also during Black Friday? Very simple: offer early bird discounts when consumers create an account on your website.

Create your account and be the first to benefit from early bird discounts on products of your choice

This way you can turn orienting consumers into buying consumers! In exchange for their data, customers can make an affordable purchase on your webshop just before Black Friday. Because you can now send these customers a newsletter, you can approach these potential buyers for a relatively cheap price during Black Friday. So a win-win situation!

6. Show a top 3

You can help (or push ;)) your website visitors in their purchase of choice. By showing a top 3/5/6 of products, within a certain product group or across your entire range, you bring specific products to the attention. “Our top 3 with the highest Black Friday discounts”, check how susceptible you are to this yourself. Boost this top 3 via an email newsletter and place it on Home.

7. Create urgency

Urgency isn’t meant to sell your products to people who don’t actually want it. Urgency is committed to helping buyers who actually want to, but experience multiple obstacles to complete the purchase.

If your Black Friday discount is only available for a limited time, customers will feel an urgency to complete their purchase. Because let’s face it, an always-on discount is not a real discount. And your customers are not crazy!

It must be clear to the customer until when the discount is valid and ideally you remind him of this if the discount is about to expire. You can do this by sending an email or posting on social media where your target audience is active.

8. Own customers first, but beware of Black Friday fatigue

You should cherish your existing customers. Be the first to give them access to special discount codes, protected areas in your webshop with an extra discount or specific promotions. Yes, it’s true, the madness around BFCM now lasts almost 2 weeks, but never lose sight of the early adapters of your webshop. They want to feel special and valued, and that’s how you create loyal, but above all, repeat buyers. What you have to watch out for is that both your loyal and new customers get tired of all the communication around Black Friday. Because you are not the only one from whom they receive mailings and see posts. Therefore, make sure that you do not place more than 3 mailings and 5 posts within a period of 3 weeks. Because a tired customer is one less customer.

9. Customer Service Occupancy

The more personal and qualitative the contact with customer service is experienced, the more conversions you will achieve. Good customer contact increases customer appreciation and therefore results in returning visitors.

10. For international shipments: multi-carrier strategy

If you depend on one carrier, it is more difficult to respond to capacity problems. Think of 2020, when that was an issue for many webshops. Timely deliveries on Black Friday may not be an immediate issue, but it is when it comes to holidays with specific delivery times. Therefore ensure flexibility: the right carrier at the right time.

And it is of course extremely useful that you have access to more than 100 carriers with only one contact person, but how do you ensure that your packages end up in the destination country? Take Greece as an example. Having the IT integration to print a label isn’t that hard, but the main challenge is getting your packages to Greece by truck. The transport network in particular is a huge investment. At B2C Europe you are relieved of this, because we have our own trucks, which drive daily throughout Europe and from/to the UK. Read more about it in this article, about the cheapest way to send parcels to multiple destinations in Europe.

Ready for a successful Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday!

Preparation, planning and starting earlier rather than later are the keys to a successful Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday. Download the checklist to the right for additional help!

Free Black Friday content checklist

Download the checklist for content creation, by content strategist Bart Waterschoot, from Contentoo, and make sure you take full advantage of all the opportunities surrounding Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

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