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Cheaper customs clearance solutions

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More and more companies ship parcels internationally. In 2019, the global volume amounted to 103 billion parcels. In 2026, this amount is expected to more than double to over 262 billion parcels! It is important, for you as an e-commerce business, that you don’t miss out on this opportunity. That is why it is useful to have VAT and customs clearance handled for your business by industry experts, saving time and money.

Complex environments

If you send parcels internationally, it sometimes occurs that your parcel shipment is delayed due to the complex customs environments, most certainly when you’re doing business to or from the UK nowadays. Therefore, this is an obstacle for many e-commerce companies to do international regulations. However, the time you’ll need to invest to figure out on how to save costs and learn about the complex logistics shouldn’t be necessary. By partnering with B2C Europe, we’ll take care of your customs clearance. Your parcels will be shipped more cost-effectively, thanks to our knowledge and expertise, and therefore, offer cheaper customs clearance solutions.

Incorrect customs clearance

The custom regulations that apply to parcel shipments vary per country. The diversity of regulations can pose a complex challenge for your e-commerce business. Incorrect parcel clearance can have a range of unpleasant and unnecessary consequences for both your web shop and your customers.

First, there is a risk of sanctions. If you do not provide the correct information to customs in advance, there is a possibility that customs will impose sanctions. This entails unneeded and displeasing costs for your business that you want to avoid. Secondly, there is a possibility if you do not provide all the correct data, the package can be delayed or even refused. Your customer will derive a negative experience from this event and the customer retention will probably drop significantly as a result.

We offer reliable, fast and cheaper customs clearance services from China and the US into Europe

In order to avoid unpleasant problems, we as B2C Europe can help you arrange sending your international parcels and related customs clearance. Because you partner with B2C Europe, all your logistics solutions are combined under one roof, including International home delivery, Return your parcel and Clearance. So instead of working with four different suppliers, you only have one party with one point of contact. This makes communication a lot easier and more personal, you save costs and you can spend your valuable time more efficiently. Plus you’ll no longer get lost in translation. In short, more efficient and effective if you collaborate with B2C Europe.

Customs clearance and Brexit

Due to the changed landscape of e-commerce and international trade agreements, a lot has also changed in the field of customs clearance. We wouldn’t be B2C Europe if we didn’t get right on top of this. For example, we previously wrote a frequently asked questions page about Brexit, we wrote a blog about what Brexit means for European web shops and what it means for UK web shops. In short, our experts know everything about international parcel shipping and everything that comes with it, including customs clearance and topics about Brexit.

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