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Are delivery and sustainability compatible in e-commerce?

Encourage green delivery options

How can we reconcile environmental aspirations and customer experience, while the number of packages delivered worldwide will double within five years? Over 3,200 packages are shipped across the world every second and according to some forecasts, the global volume of packages shipped is expected to double by 2026. At B2C Europe, we signal the staggering growth in volume, with a huge increase since COVID-19. At the same time, consumer demands increase in the same rate. While international parcel delivery needs to be effortless and ultimately flexible, the supply chain has to be environmentally friendly too. Your customers expect you not only to meet their expectations, but also to help create a more sustainable world. Catering to these demands can help grow your business, ignoring them could put you in trouble.

Encourage green delivery options for e-commerce

Ordering online is often as easy as clicking a button and then finding (or at least expecting) your order on your doorstep the next day. It’s so easy that most consumers don’t realise the environmental consequences international home delivery can have. So raising awareness of the impact of the chosen delivery option, is tackling the last mile delivery problem by its root.

Prompt delivery is great, but it’s not always necessary. According to an Accenture report, 36% of internet users are willing to wait longer for their product if they get free shipping. You can make your customer aware of the concept of eco-responsible delivery by applying fees to express delivery methods and by offering options considered “green” (and therefore less rapid) free of charge.

Alternatively, you can simply leave the choice to your customers so that they realise for themselves the environmental impact of express shipments. With clear communication, you as an e-commerce business can offer delivery options that are both flexible and environmentally friendly at the time of check-out.

 At B2C Europe, we combine cargo and networks daily, to create a beneficial shipment for both your business and the receiver

Delivery and sustainability: Utilise the last mile carrier intelligently

Making intelligent use of the cargo capacity of carriers is another way to deliver quickly and sustainably. At B2C Europe, we combine cargo and networks daily, to create a beneficial shipment for both your business and the receiver, while at the same time looking for the most efficient solution. That’s exactly why we’ve been here since 2000.

Sadly, more than 50% of trucks in Europe circulate partially or totally empty. By using this wasted space, delivery could be made more environmentally friendly and less expensive. Increasing the efficiency of last mile logistics is an unstoppable solution and one that can also benefit individuals. Although combining cargo is a recent trend in logistics, it is a significant way to optimise the use of equipment. In addition, when properly organised, this new delivery method logically contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. At B2C Europe, we’ve managed to raise the average fill rate to 73%!

Relocate delivery to go further in the ecological transition

Finally, the use of last mile carriers in the destination country allows greater flexibility while being more part of a more sustainable solution. By choosing local delivery networks, a parcel travels a shorter distance and therefore generates less CO2 emissions, with the added assurance of rapid delivery to the customer. Proximity brings benefits to all local players and more generally to the environment.

It was through this local strategy that in 2020, our customer Amazon doubled its proximity deliveries by investing in a network of new micro-shipping centers stocking the most popular items. In this way, Amazon can provide its customers with the speed and simplicity they demand while reducing its environmental impact: something for everyone. Contrary to what you might think, this local delivery strategy is not just reserved for retail giants or 3PL players. B2C Europe offers last mile delivery to medium-sized e-merchants, so they expand business by sending parcels internationally. We use local players and also offer a solution that matches your delivery strategy.

Optimise the parcel journey in 4 steps

Innovation of the last mile delivery is an effective way to meet your customer’s expectations while ensuring greener delivery. The first steps have been taken: now is the time to think outside the box and really take action.

Are you ready to optimise the parcel journey? Because sending and tracking packages sounds pretty simple, but mapping this process is quite a challenge. While parcel shipping is often thought of as just IT integration by tracking the parcel, there is also a whole process behind the physical collection, processing and transportation of the parcels and storage in warehouses.

To further grow your business, and to connect international e-commerce, it is important that every process is executed optimally. Download our whitepaper ‘Optimise your parcel’s delivery journey in four steps’, it offers valuable insights on how you can optimise the delivery process of your parcels in four steps.

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