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Easy and affordable parcel shipping within Europe

We take the hassle out of it and you keep the focus on your business.

Would you like to send your parcels cheaply and easily abroad?

Are you the owner of a web shop or do you work for a web shop? And would you like to send your parcels easily and cheaply to Belgium, Germany, England or another European country? Then you have come to the right place at B2C Europe. Whether you want to send a large parcel, a long parcel or a small parcel, everything is possible at B2C Europe!

At B2C Europe, you can easily send parcels at a low price and get the most out of your webshop. Moreover, we are the largest international parcel company in Europe, which means that our service is also excellent. Thanks to years of cooperation with more than 100 different carriers and our large purchase volumes, we can guarantee you a low price.

Curious about the costs and options for shipping your parcels within Europe? Fill in our contact form and receive a clear overview of all the possibilities, free of obligation.

B2C Europe is the ecom-logistics expert for all your logistics wishes

B2C Europe is the first independent logistics service provider for cross-border parcels in Europe. We developed a solution that is both more cost-effective and more customer-friendly than the competition.

That is why B2C Europe offers you, as an expert in the e-commerce business, the opportunity to offer your customers trusted final mile delivery options. With our extensive knowledge and transport options, we are able to provide the right logistics solutions to meet the increasing demands of your customers. Combine different carriers that are widely known to consumers and respond perfectly to your customer’s wishes and needs.

Serving your customers all over Europe through a single point of contact

You can of course choose to draw up your own contracts with different carriers. But why should you? At B2C Europe, you work with a single contact person via one contract. We connect you to our extensive network of transporters, negotiate large purchase volumes with various transporters, and ensure that you get the best deal for your webshop.

By entrusting your logistics services to us, we relieve you and your business of all worries with our knowledge and experience. We manage all logistics and infrastructure with personal attention and phenomenal expertise.

  • Shipping solutions traceable or non-traceable
  • Multi carrier services through a single provider
  • Access to a local return solution within 24 hours
  • Save costs on sending parcels through our large purchase volumes
  • Easy integration via our software systems

The advantages of B2C Europe

Our solutions offer you and your business many advantages. Some of our solutions include international home delivery, free and paid return solutions throughout Europe and parcel collection wherever and whenever you want. Take a look at our website for all our solutions.

The advantages of shipping your parcels cheaply with B2C Europe are listed below:

  • One-stop shopping with our extensive transport network
  • Save on the costs of sending your parcels
  • One point of contact
  • No stock needed
  • Knowledge, convenience and low price guarante

Start shipping your low-cost parcels today internationally. Contact a local B2C Europe HUB and our ecom-experts will answer all your questions.

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