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How to profit from a truly integrated parcel supply chain in Europe

Europe is one of the most advanced markets in e-commerce with fairly complex parcel delivery supply chains. Building on our core expertise, we create logistics solutions for e-commerce that integrate with your entire supply chain. We offer you a one-stop plug to a truly integrated parcel supply chain in Europe, together with Maersk.

Many online merchants believe that they don’t have to worry about costs as long as the market is booming. Admittedly, webshops certainly have nothing to worry about: e-commerce revenue in Europe amounted to € 757 billion in 2020. This is a 10 percent growth from € 690 billion in 2019. Over the last years, there has been a steady increase in the number and share of online shoppers within Europe every year. Goods are being sent here, there and everywhere.

Figures on European e-commerce

  • There are 481 million European online shoppers across 44 countries (2020)
  • A 22% higher online spend per online shopper
  • 75% of European online shoppers make purchases from a web shop abroad

While the number of parcels and destination markets that businesses serve increases, so does the level of complexity along with the costs of transport and logistics. The number of internal and external points of contact needed for the various logistical aspects usually increases with each additional country that an online shop sells to. For an online shop expanding into Spain, for example, it would mean an additional sales manager, marketing activities, transport to destination countries, local carrier contracts, a software landscape and operations staff to take care of typical logistics issues, to name just a few things. The result? As the number of contacts multiplies, it’s almost impossible to benefit from economies of scale.

Fixed costs such as logistics and transport can weigh heavily on margins, because these costs aren’t passed on to the end customer in all cases. At the same time, keep in mind that there are over 250 different domestic last mile carriers providing more than 1,500 local services, that 57% of supply chain cost for European sellers comes from last mile and returns and that there is a 471% difference in cost between domestic and cross-border parcel delivery in Europe. This makes it all the more important to actively seek ways to cut costs in the delivery chain. So, how can online merchants save money?

Sell more, spend less

Working with B2C Europe’s e-delivery product enables you to ship with all carriers through one single contract. This results in less time spent on logistics so you can focus more on sales. Your one-stop plug to a truly integrated parcel supply chain in Europe. Meaning:

  • Tracking experience for consumers
  • A one-stop shop for delivery and returns
  • Deliver faster internationally
  • Solve supply chain problems faster
  • Use best carrier rates in each country​
  • Improve working capital through better​ international delivery​
  • Save integration costs for carriers and platforms​
  • Optimise and reduce clearance cost​


Working together to improve the lead times and quality of service within international e-commerce logistics

How can international shipments and the number of contacts be optimised while also increasing customer satisfaction? Cubyn solved this challenge by working with B2C Europe. The main focus was on improving the lead times in Germany, being their number one destination and finding a solution to restructure the pick-ups to improve lead times. Cubyn is a 3PL who services commercial brands within verticals as beauty, sports tools, and gadgets.

B2C Europe helps Cubyn to provide a fast and complete cross-border delivery experience for their clients Europe-wide. In addition, B2C Europe allows Cubyn to select the carriers that will perform the best for Cubyn customers.

B2C Europe is a key partner in our multi-carrier model. Thanks to B2C Europe, we can search for new destinations in Europe and enter them easily

The partnership

B2C Europe and Cubyn first started their partnership with Belgium and Spain in 2019. This was a successful test. When COVID-19 appeared, Cubyn’s main carrier at that time had to close for three days a week. Cubyn reached out to B2C Europe to help them continue shipping their parcels to Europe.

Very quickly, Cubyn was fully integrated with B2C Europe to make it possible to use all services and destinations that B2C Europe offers.

“Since March 2020, B2C Europe is Cubyn’s partner to ship abroad cost-efficiently, while keeping a high quality of service”, said Paul Mathon, Sales Manager for France at B2C Europe. “2021 is going well, Cubyn challenges B2C Europe on certain big destinations.”

E-commerce logistics solutions

“B2C Europe is a key partner in our multi-carrier model. Thanks to B2C Europe, we can search for new destinations in Europe and enter them easily,”, says Nicolas Gavazzi, Business Unit Manager at Cubyn.

The choice to partner with B2C Europe was mainly focused on lead times and costs at first, and to be able to select a different carrier for all major European destinations. According to Cubyn, B2C Europe offers a solution that aggregates several carriers operating in all Europe, at an attractive cost. But by using B2C Europe solution, Cubyn saves on average €3-4 per parcel and won 0.5 days in delivery times. Overall, leaner and improved cost structures are associated with higher levels of customer satisfaction – a classic win-win situation, as the partnership with Cubyn clearly shows. Read more about the case story here.

Sell more, spend less

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