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Why international parcel tracking is important for your webshop

Worldwide parcel tracking for businesses

A new customer from Spain has just placed an order on your website. Time to ship the parcel. But after a few days, you get the question from that same customer where the product is. And that is where international parcel tracking comes in handy; both you and your customer have an accurate insight on the status of the shipment.

Why offer track and trace?

Research shows that almost 4 in 5 consumers (78%) ordering a product online check the shipping status of their order more than once. In addition, the biggest annoyance of Dutch consumers is a poorly functioning or unclear track and trace option when it comes to parcel delivery. Customers want to be able to follow their product closely. Sharing track & trace information with your customers is therefore of great importance.

A properly functioning track & trace option not only ensures transparency, but also customer satisfaction and loyalty. By actively keeping customers informed of the status of their order, customer satisfaction increases and the chances are high that the consumer will return to your webshop for a future purchase.

What are the advantages of tracked parcels?

You have the choice to send your products tracked or untracked. This depends on the type of product, the value of the product, the destination location, but also on the preference of your customer. In general, there is a preference for sending tracked parcels, but this also involves higher costs. But besides the disadvantage of costs, what are the advantages that outweigh them?

By sending parcels tracked, you and your customers will:

  • Know where the shipment is
  • Know which carrier is transporting the shipment
  • Know whether action must be taken to get the shipment delivered

International package tracking

Tracking parcels can be a cumbersome process, especially when they are international. In the example mentioned earlier, the parcel was sent from the Netherlands to Spain, but the next order could just as easily have come from France. So you need to know exactly which carrier will be handling the last mile delivery. And that’s not all, because you also have to deal with different tracking numbers from different carriers. But that is all in the past with Track Your Parcel!

Track your parcel

Follow parcels via Track Your Parcel

As a web shop owner or logistics manager, you focus as much as possible on your business. You try to serve your customers as well as possible by meeting their demands. Nowadays, everyone wants to be able to track his or her products. They want to see at what address, what day and what time they can expect their product(s). In addition, it is very important for you to have a clear overview of where sent parcels are.

Meet the increasing demands of your customers with solutions such as Track Your Parcel from B2C Europe. We have the right (premium) carriers ready for you and your business. You can choose from many solutions for international parcel tracking of your shipments. Curious about the prices and shipping options? Fill in our quotation form and receive a clear overview of all the possibilities.

B2C Europe has been a partner of Whistl for over 6 years, facilitating parcel delivery to various destinations around the world. We use their parcel service with real-time tracking, which allows us to seamlessly navigate through potentially complex customs clearance, VAT and customs duties.

Melanie Darvall – Director of Marketing and Communications, Whistl

How does Track Your Parcel work?

With Track Your Parcel you can follow the delivery status of your parcel. But how does Track Your Parcel of B2C Europe work exactly? It is very simple, because you are only four steps away from tracking a specific parcel.

Because every shipment is unique, each shipment also has a unique barcode. This barcode is used to find out the location and time of delivery. So you can ask the questions: is the order still in a warehouse? Is it already in the country where it should be?

The four steps to track the parcels are:

  1. Select the country where you are or where the parcel is to arrive
  2. Enter the unique tracking code of the shipment you wish to track. To make it even easier, this can be either the TYP number, tracking number or order number
  3. Enter the postcode of the recipient
  4. Click on ‘search’. The tracking can start!

So, do you want to bind your customers to your business, increase customer satisfaction and make your shipments transparent? Start shipping with B2C Europe, benefit from our platforms such as international parcel tracking and grow your business internationally! Contact one of our experts to discuss your logistics needs.

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