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Last mile delivery: from warehouse to your customer’s house

The difference between a positive customer experience and a return

Due to the (technological) developments over the years, the purchasing behavior of consumers has changed. Not only is there a shift from offline to online shopping, but consumer expectations are also sky-high. Nowadays, consumers expect cheap and fast delivery, or rather, free delivery for their online purchase.

Consumer expectations

To live up to these expectations, e-commerce platforms need to find a way to improve their delivery efficiency and reduce logistics costs. A large part of the logistics costs come from the last mile delivery, also known as final mile delivery. That means in order to remain competitive with other online stores, your business must find a way to improve efficiency in this area.

What is last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery is the last part of the parcel journey before a product reaches the customer. It is regarded as one of the most challenging and expensive segments of the delivery process. Perfecting final mile delivery is critical to delivering a great customer experience. In other words, a good delivery is the difference between a positive customer experience and a return. But how exactly does a perfect final mile delivery work?

Last mile delivery tracking

Because customer expectations are so high today, you want to make sure they are met. Instead of the customer constantly wondering where his or her package is, you can proactively inform the customer with tracking information. By showing last mile delivery tracking through TrackYourParcel, your customers will always know where the package is! In this way, you not only meet the customer’s expectations, but you also relieve your customer service.

Leaders in logistics of last mile delivery

To optimise the last step of your parcel’s delivery journey, it is useful to work with an integration platform. By partnering with B2C Europe, you can use our platform by our carrier network and our data connections. This gives you access to all carriers throughout Europe, on numerous delivery management and e-commerce software platforms in one overview. This not only saves you time, but also money.

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