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Supply chain strategy: increasing conversion by using local carriers. How does that work?

One of the biggest challenges that webshop businesses face is shipping. As a logistics manager, you would like to save on logistics. You do everything you can to provide your customer with a great product and customer experience and you also trust that the carrier delivers the package on time and in good condition. The carrier you choose also plays a major role in the customer experience and how they ultimately feel about your service. But there are ways you can take your distribution strategy into your own hands.

The success of a webshop depends on the trust of the consumer, especially when it comes to purchases from webshops that ship internationally. When your customer sees at the checkout which carrier will deliver the order and/or with which they can return the order, it inspires confidence. The same goes for offering the largest local payment method, translating the website and native customer service.

Therefore, naming the names and logos of the carriers used for e-commerce logistics at the front end ensures that consumers are more likely to make a purchase.

Supply chain strategy with local carriers

There are a number of advantages by using local shipping parties.

The advantages of shipping with local carriers are:

  • Knowledge of the market and the expectations of the recipient
  • Speaks the local language
  • Knows how the consumer wants the packages to be delivered (and therefore an optimal delivery experience)
  • Has the best coverage with pick-up and drop-off points
  • And last but not least: lower costs for the sender

This concerns both the sending of the ordered goods and for returns.

Proven customer satisfaction

In a saturated market, ecommerce customers are not the easiest to convert. But once they’re convinced of your products, the best way to increase the all-important customer satisfaction and loyalty is to provide them with a slick, professional, reliable and reasonably priced shipping service. The carriers chosen must have a proven track record of customer satisfaction, so be sure to talk to them about this when doing your research.

Your logistics partner must be able to provide fast order fulfillment, secure and reliable shipping and returns, and regular and accurate delivery updates. You need the assurance that your goods will arrive at the customer’s doorstep in good condition, exactly when they expect it.

B2C Europe has been a Whistl partner for over 6 years, facilitating parcel delivery to various destinations around the world. Our lasting relationship is based on their team providing excellent service at a competitive price. We use their parcel service with real-time tracking, allowing us to seamlessly navigate through potentially complex customs clearance, VAT and customs duties. B2C Europe is our preferred partner as they provide a seamless, reliable and competitively tracked parcel service from the UK to destinations around the world.

Melanie Darvall – Director of Marketing and Communications, Whistl

‘From Factory to Sofa’ – How Maersk and B2C Europe can help your business

As experts in the logistics industry, Maersk and B2C Europe know that the two main goals for e-commerce companies are to reach more customers and keep current buyers coming back for more: retention.

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