Een multi-carrier strategie voor de beste checkout-ervaring. Waarom B2C Europe en Paazl de handen ineen slaan.
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A multi-carrier strategy for the best checkout experience. Why B2C Europe and Paazl are joining forces.

Make your last impression the best

Imagine a situation in which a customer wants to make a purchase in your (physical) shop. The customer has found a good parking space near the shop and everything on the customer’s list has been found. However, when there is a long queue for the checkout, all good memories are suddenly gone. The customer leaves the shop in a bad mood, with the frustration of waiting in line far greater than the joy of any other aspect of visiting the shop.

Recent research shows that a good experience at checkout – usually the last step of a visit to the shop – is more important than almost anything a retailer can do to leave a positive impression with customers. And that’s why you need to be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the checkout process.

During the checkout process, an average of 70% of the visitors abandons your website, according to research.  So if you notice that most visitors leave your website during the checkout process, now is the time to optimise the checkout process through a multi-carrier strategy and more payment options.

More payment options…

If you ask consumers how they prefer to shop and pay for their products ordered online, you will most likely get different answers. For example, the baby boomer generation clearly prefers traditional payment methods, Gen X consumers rely heavily on credit and debit cards, millennials pay most with debit cards but are also open to new payment methods such as digital wallets, and Gen Z consumers prefer alternative, flexible payment methods such as digital wallets and AfterPay (buy now, pay later). The best way to appeal to a broad audience is to give shoppers choice, so they can choose the experience that appeals to them most, at the time.

And more shipping options for customers

When the product has been ordered and paid for, the next logical step is to start shipping the product. But how will your customer receive your products? And which carrier will you use to send your parcels?

Of course, you don’t have to ship with just one carrier. When you work with a multi-carrier strategy, you can ship your products with all different carriers. You might think that bundling shipping volumes with one carrier would yield the highest discount, but the opposite is true. Spreading volumes across multiple carriers is where the real savings can be made. And it’s not just about cost savings. Offering more shipping options creates streamlined shipping services and less administration, better customer choices and more opportunities to grow your business.

Checkout with Paazl and shipping with B2C Europe

By using the services of Paazl and B2C Europe, the customer gets a better checkout experience and even more multi-carrier flexibility with the delivery. This allows you to run your e-commerce business:

  • Expand globally: Expand into new markets by shipping across borders with local delivery options
  • Reduce costs: Save money on expensive integrations and reduce shipping rates
  • Simplify shipping: One API integration for your cash register, labels, track & trace and customer service
  • Delight customers: Let your customers choose exactly where, when and how they want their parcel delivered

Paazl provides you with one platform for your entire delivery experience. They take care of every quality aspect of delivery: from your online shop and warehouse to track & trace and returns. The data module provides insight into customer preferences and the performance of carriers. So you can continuously improve your promise.

Did you know Paazl helps you to build all shipping options into the checkout? Because of Paazl’s own API you don’t have to add all carriers manually, and you can benefit from Paazl’s services.

Multi-carrier for the outstanding checkout experience

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