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One-stop-shipping: save time and money

All your shipping needs met in one place

Under one roof

Whether you operate as a small player in the market or as a large retailer, consumers expect that their parcel arrive on time. Whether the parcel arrives on time depends on the supply chain. The more links in the supply chain, the more chances that mistakes will be made. That is why it is convenient and advisable to have all your logistics needs under one roof, through one-stop-shipping. In that case, one party is responsible for the entire supply chain, and therefore a greater chance that the parcel will arrive on time.


If you partner with B2C Europe, we can ensure all your logistic needs are fulfilled in one place with one point of contact: one-stop-shipping. You no longer have to call different companies to handle all of your logistics needs. We’ll design the best carrier strategy for you, all logistics solutions can be integrated in one system, you have only one contact person and you only receive one bill. Therefore, you save money and time!

Act local, organise global

The greatest added value of one-stop-shipping is that you use one integration platform and can therefore use direct entry into Europe. This gives you easy access to all networks, the best local service for your consumers, no high transport costs for injection into local carriers and no negotiations with local suppliers on parcel volumes.

What is Direct Entry?

Direct Entry is when companies send parcels or mail for a specific country directly to that country and then enter the parcels or mail into the local system for delivery. To make use of this, as an eCommerce business you need to know all the rules and regulations that are applied in that country. If you have to figure all that out for yourself, it can be very time consuming.

All your logistic needs

Sending a parcel with B2C Europe with one-stop-shipping has therefore never been easier and or more cost effective. Due to our own carrier network and warehouses, we can guarantee that we pick up the parcels of your webshop at the desired location and ensure that the parcel reaches the consumer due to direct entry into Europe. Therefore, you have access to all major carriers in Europe via just one point of contact!

In short, sending your parcels with B2C Europe is a guarantee to take away your logistical concerns.

Save on logistics costs and increase your turnover?

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