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Every consumer making a purchase from your e-commerce platform has the right to return this product. Although handling returns is not the most fun part of doing business, it plays a crucial factor. Thinking about returns will likely be a headache, especially with international returns. For instance, returns result in high costs, entail extra work and returned products often cannot be resold. Moreover, the moment you don’t comply with the rules regarding the right of withdrawal, you might even risk receiving a fine. However, when a return is a painless experience, it will encourage consumers to make another purchase from your online shop in the future.

Opportunities for parcels returns

It’s important to communicate a clear return policy on the website. An unclear return policy can result in lower sales, because consumers will drop out. On the other hand, a clear parcels returns policy can increase the purchase intention. In addition to free products, including free returns, consumers simply love transparency. A good, simple and transparent return service ensures satisfied customers who are more likely to make a purchase again in the future.

Have access to a local solution within 24 hours

Implementing a simple, easy-to-use returns service in multiple countries is not an easy task. To save time and make sure that returns are handled properly, you can outsource your returns. B2C Europe is currently the only company that can provide return services through local post offices or convenience stores in 19 European countries through a single web interface.

Trusted European partner

Your e-commerce business can sell your products across Europe and provide a single return process, without the need for expensive investments in IT or international storage. Our ReturnYourParcel web service is easy to install. B2C Europe is the trusted European return partner of Amazon, Google and Showroom Privé.

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