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B2C Europe to be acquired by A.P. Moller – Maersk


Today,  A.P. Moller – Maersk (“Maersk”) announced the intention to acquire B2C Europe Holding B.V. (“B2C Europe”).

During the past few years, B2C Europe has seen a rapid increase in demand for their services. To proactively ensure the ability to meet the growing and future needs of customers, B2C Europe embarked on a review of its strategy on the back of which it was decided to look for a strategic partner. B2C Europe has found a partner in Maersk and sees a very strong fit between their services and Maersk’s ambitions within e-commerce, which will allow the two companies to jointly further drive and support their customers’ growth plans and market development goals.

For B2C Europe, it is a real benefit to integrate with a large partner from the perspective of economies of scale and the positive outcome this will have for its customers. Maersk, as a global Ocean and Logistics & Services company, is introducing a wider scope of integrated logistics services as Maersk’s customers increasingly demand omni-channel and e-commerce solutions. B2C Europe will be very complementary to the current Maersk offerings and a key component of the Maersk end-to-end services portfolio.

Within e-commerce logistics, Maersk is building an asset-light, global business focused on two core capabilities: B2C Fulfilment and B2C Delivery based on a strong and flexible e-commerce technology backbone.

Aymeric Chandavoine, Global Head of Logistics and Services in Maersk, says:

The continuous expansion of our logistics product portfolio is supporting our long-term plans to help customers perform better in any business cycle. I look forward to welcoming B2C Europe and together upscale our platform and e-commerce capabilities globally and build what you could call the ‘factory-to-sofa cycle’ defining B2C supply chain success.”

B2C Europe has significant reach in Europe

B2C Europe’s core offering is in parcel delivery services for both retailers and brands as well as for logistics operators, with a focus on cross-border deliveries. It operates a multi-carrier platform with significant reach and volumes into all European countries through an extensive carrier network. The B2C Europe transport management offering provides multi-carrier management tools and track & trace capabilities, offering customers full control, competitive costs and visibility across supply chains. B2C Europe operates from Western Europe which forms a good base for future geographic expansion. The acquisition of B2C Europe will enable Maersk to offer Europe-wide last mile distribution to customers through one simplified interface and the convenience of full control and visibility on all parcel deliveries. B2C Europe will bring an asset-light delivery product that uses technical integrations to collect parcels at its customers warehouses and inject them into all important European carrier networks.

B2C Europe’s CEO, José Vega:

We are proud and look forward to playing a key part in enabling Maersk to enhance its integrated logistics value proposition. Bringing our expertise and solutions together will offer customers a unique opportunity to take control and drive flexibility into their B2C supply chains. We look very much forward to the journey ahead and getting to leverage the strengths of our e-delivery business with Maersk’s customers.

NIBC Investment Partners’ Managing Director, Frans van der Harst:

We, as a financial partner, are happy to have been able to support B2C Europe in its growth ambitions over the last few years. Through this partnership with Maersk, employees and customers of B2C Europe will benefit from Maersk’s global reach, strengthening the overall positioning. We are confident that B2C Europe and Maersk are the right match and will successfully grow together.

The definitive transaction agreements were signed on August 5 and the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and expected to close Q4, 2021. Until then, Maersk and B2C Europe remain two separate companies and will conduct business as usual.

About B2C Europe

B2C Europe is a business-to-consumer logistics company specialized in B2C parcel delivery services in Europe. B2C Europe was founded in 2000 in The Netherlands by two creative entrepreneurs. After having worked for some years at established postal logistic companies, they realized there was a better and alternative way to facilitate cross border deliveries for the upcoming boom in the ecommerce industry.

Their innovative solutions, based on local entries and direct integrations with domestic parcel distributors, are more cost effective and convenient to use. B2C Europe was the first independent logistics service provider for cross-border parcels in Europe, setting the standard with agile and reliable solutions. At a later stage, the ‘local hero’ strategy was also supported by customs clearance solutions, to offer the same distribution services to Chinese and US based ecommerce retailers.

B2C Europe ships over 35 million parcels every year via a network of more than 120 last-mile distribution carriers. The company has commercial offices in the US and China along with full-service operations in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid, while employing 180 full time staff.

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