Hoe voorkom je ontevreden klanten door vertragingen tijdens de feestdagen 2021?
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How to prevent delays & disappointed customers during the 2021 holiday season

Every year, last minute holiday shoppers end up feeling stressed when they discover at the checkout that they are late: “expected shipping in 5-7 business days.” But this year, it looks like even shoppers who like to plan ahead will be disappointed with global supply chain issues, strikes, resulting in shipping delays for the holiday season.

The shopping landscape for the 2021 holiday season can be seen as a “domino effect” of delays and shortages. Due to the pandemic, the flood of online shopping, labor shortages, stalled shipping ports and other variables, holiday shipping delays and product scarcity are inevitable in 2021. Especially as the shopping season reaches its peak between Black Friday and Christmas. That is why it’s important that consumers start ordering immediately, in order to meet the shipping deadlines for the holidays.

Some online retailers are taking extra steps to compensate delays, such as chartering their own ocean freight, so that they are not dependent on external suppliers. But how do you prevent delays during shipments for the holiday season in 2021? By educating your customers! You can pass these tips on to them, preventing stress to yourself and your customers!

4 tips for your online customers to prevent delays

1. Be prepared to spend extra

In general, prices have already increased by more than 5% compared to 2020. Due to increasing demand for online articles, prices will continue to rise, regardless of inflation.

2. Do your Christmas shopping on time

This year is not the time to wait for a bargain: if something is at the top of your shopping list, get it while it’s hot. Fortunately, Black Friday lasts until the end of December, so don’t worry, your favorite product is always discounted somewhere. Choose pick-up options to avoid shipping costs and backordered items. However, not everything has to be purchased in advance. Instead, focus on buying very popular items earlier in the year, such as specific toys, a particular model of a gadget, or even a pair of shoes that are trending on TikTok.

3. Be aware of unexpected delays

If you order in time, express shipping methods should not be necessary. But as the holiday season approaches, pay close attention to estimated shipping times, which are usually clearly marked at checkout. Be prepared for items to be unexpectedly delayed, and possibly pay extra to have it in on time.

4. Use discount codes

Shopping online in time can mean that you can’t always take advantage of discounts, so look for other ways to save money. For example, think of discount codes and cashback apps. These are often free and easy to use. Set alerts when you’re looking for specific items that automatically notify you when they go on sale – saving you time and money.

Another smart option? Gift your friends and family items that don’t need to be shipped before December 25th. Think of gift cards from local businesses, experience gifts, subscription boxes, DIY gifts and meal delivery services. These are all great gifts that don’t depend on shipping deadlines.

We wish you good luck with the busy days ahead. And do you want to prepare for returns after the holidays? Download this whitepaper and use it to your advantage.

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