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Ship your parcels throughout Europe at the lowest costs?

Reduce costs on all your international deliveries

International shipping solutions

Sending your packages abroad can be much cheaper for your eCom business than shipping via the post office. With B2C Europe, you can send international packages very easily and at the best costs. You will find a clear overview of all rates and carriers that you can use by entering your specifications in our quote form. This way you can send your package cheaply to the right address anywhere in Europe, or simply to an address in the Netherlands.

Integrated returns service from 19 European countries

Consumers cannot buy without reliable and affordable return solutions. B2C Europe offers free and paid services throughout Europe. Our ReturnYourParcel web service is easy to install. That is why we are Amazon’s trusted European return partner.

B2C Europe is a logistics partner of many large carriers, such as DHL, FedEx and PostNL, supplying all merchants with cost effective international delivery solutions. B2C Europe’s delivery solutions offers a choice of tracked and untracked services which use the best in-country delivery networks, combining domestic postal operators and couriers.

B2C Europe services are easily accessible through the platforms and allows for easy processing of shipments and receiving tracking events.

Cross-border solutions at the best price

We facilitate the connection between the eCommerce market and cross-border logistics in our bespoke and scalable solutions. We attain international customers via distribution efficiency and consistent performance at a competitive price. These connections and access to services offer the market a robust, convenient, reliable and cost-effective solution of reaching multiple international markets through one IT integration and one supplier being our core business.

  • Tracked and untracked delivery services
  • Multi carrier services through one provider
  • Access to a local returns solution within 24 hours
  • Cost effective International delivery solutions
  • Easy integration through many software systems

Independent and tested logistics provider

Since 2000, B2C Europe have served eCommerce companies of all sizes reach their international growth aspirations with innovative cross-border distribution and return services.

As an independent logistics provider, B2C Europe’s multi carrier solution utilizes domestic networks to reduce shipping costs and provide a local experience for the end consumer.

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