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Ship your international parcels with us

Find the best solution for sending parcels internationally via B2C Europe

Smooth and instant home delivery throughout Europe

Via B2C Europe you can compare more than 80 carriers. The best solution, based on your preferences. We offer tracked and untracked solutions, enabling you to ship your packages to multiple destinations. B2C Europe offers reliable and affordable solutions to send your package.

By combining the services of different carriers, you can respond perfectly to the needs of the customers in the markets in which you want to operate. Returning international parcels is also simple: we offer the best return solution for each package.

Our home delivery services include printing the shipping label, sorting and the handling of undeliverables. Please find a full overview of our logistic solutions here.

Ship to over 220 destinations worldwide

We provide smooth transport and reliable delivery throughout Europe. With customized delivery options, daily pickup, and extensive return options, your customers profit from the benefits of a smooth ordering process. Wherever they are. That makes for happy customers and a boost for your online sales.

B2C Europe is a logistics partner of many large carriers, such as DHL, FedEx and Hermes, supplying all merchants with cost effective international delivery solutions. B2C Europe’s delivery solutions offers a choice of tracked and untracked services which use the best in-country delivery networks, combining domestic postal operators and couriers.

B2C Europe services are easily accessible through the platforms and allows for easy processing of shipments and receiving tracking events.

  • Tracked and untracked delivery services
  • Multi carrier services through one provider
  • Access to a local returns solution within 24 hours
  • Cost effective International delivery solutions
  • Easy integration through many software systems

The benefits of B2C Europe

Since 2000, B2C Europe have served eCommerce companies of all sizes reach their international growth aspirations with innovative cross-border distribution and return services.

As an independent logistics provider, B2C Europe’s multi carrier solution utilizes domestic networks to reduce shipping costs and provide a local experience for the end consumer.

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