The cheapest way to ship parcels to multiple destinations in Europe

The cheapest way to ship parcels to multiple destinations in Europe

Ship your international deliveries cheap & simple

Do you want to send orders from your webshop or online marketplace abroad? B2C Europe is an intermediary that takes care of purchasing cross-border logistics for you. We work with all major carriers, so your business can expand internationally, throughout Europe. You benefit from the advantage of our purchasing volumes, which means you can ship at lower costs via parties such as PostNL, DHL, DPD and TNT. But we also work with a huge number of local carriers, allowing you to create a local customer experience.

Of course, it’s pretty convenient that you have access to more than 100 carriers with just 1 contact person. But how do you ensure that your packages reach the destination country? Take Greece as an example. Having the IT integration to print a label is not that difficult, but the challenge lies mainly in transporting your parcels to Greece by truck. The transport network in particular is a huge investment. We’ll take care of this, so no more worries. At B2C Europe we have our own trucks, which drive daily throughout Europe and from / to the UK.

And do you need help with insurance or importing products from China or the UK? Our team of experts will support you with everything you need to know about sending parcels abroad, returns and customs matters.

The cheapest way to ship parcels: B2C Europe

We have been active since 2000 as the leading expert in cross-border e-commerce logistics. You can expect a close partnership with us, in which we completely unburden you, at the best prices and above all, with the best service. Because if you no longer have to worry about the international shipments of your products, you will have time to do business. You no longer spend time on contract negotiations with carriers in various countries, no more problems due to language differences and what else is involved in international shipments.

What can you expect from us? Having your shipments arranged by B2C Europe mainly means being taken care of by our e-com experts and service. We become your total partner and formulate a strategy for your logistics together with you. Suitable for your business and service level. Do you already have a question for us? Please contact our customer service team.

Arranging returns: a time consuming process

A satisfied customer will return to your web shop for, among other things, a properly functioning return process. The more options you offer, the better your customer appreciates your service. But you also know that a flexible return policy is often a time-consuming process. If you want to save time (and therefore money) on international returns, you can choose to outsource this process to a party such as B2C Europe. We offer return solutions in 19 countries and set this up for you within 24 hours if you are a customer of ours.

Transparent rates

At B2C Europe we like clarity. We’ll send a tailor-made offer for you, based on the business case we have drawn up together for international shipping of your parcels. We compare all carriers and make the best combination for your business case. No surprises afterwards, because we don’t like that either. Do you opt for last mile combined with a solution for returns? For customs clearance? Or do you want to ship to the UK and you don’t know how to get started and how the Incoterms work? Everything is possible at B2C Europe. Nothing is standard, nothing is too crazy for us. We would like to explain why the costs of an international shipment are sometimes higher.

If you only ship packages within the European Union, there are no import duties or customs clearance charges. You only pay these costs when you import packages from a country outside the EU, such as the UK or China. You are the recipient of an import shipment. In case of export shipments, any customs costs are always passed on to the recipient as standard.

Would you like to know more about paying import duties, VAT and clearance costs? Then read this blog.

So why work with B2C Europe?

“Isn’t it cheaper to book my shipment directly with PostNL, Correos, Hermes, TNT or DPD?” We are regularly asked this question. Because we have been purchasing in bulk from the carriers since 2000, you benefit from lower prices and save on shipping costs. In addition, B2C Europe will provide you with free advice from our experts and we will contact the carrier for you if there are any problems.

More about shipping parcels abroad

At B2C Europe we are happy to help you find the lowest rate for your package. That is why we regularly publish blogs about sending parcels abroad. For example, read our blog about one-stop-shipping.

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Would you like to know more about sending mail, parcels or documents abroad? Contact one of our international teams. Our experts and warehouses can be found in China, London, Madrid, Paris and Amsterdam. We are happy to help you find the best rate for your shipment!

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