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Valentine’s day 2022: are you ready?

Scale up your logistics with B2C Europe during Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. Lovers and friends surprise each other with all kinds of gifts, from romantic cards to flower bouquets. This year it will probably be extra busy during Valentine’s Day, because there are currently few opportunities to do fun things together.

What exactly can B2C Europe do for you during such a peak period? And how can you best prep your business for this special occasion? Take a moment to read our tips for Valentine’s Day.

At B2C Europe you can temporarily scale up during peak periods!

Shipping in Europe for Valentine’s Day made easy

Domestic shipping and cross-border shipping may seem similar at first glance, there are a few differences to consider. International shipping has many more rules, paperwork and procedures to be handled. Whether your customers choose local Valentine’s Day gifts with same-day delivery or select rapid international delivery, there’s many choices to make. If you let B2C Europe take care of your cross-border last mile delivery, returns and tracking, you’ll save money and time.

At B2C Europe we are very flexible when it comes to processing parcels. This enables us to process high volumes in no time, via our final mile distribution network.

Many webshops have already benefited from this service during Black Friday and Christmas. Do you also want to temporarily scale up your logistics during a busy period such as Valentine’s Day? Please feel free to contact one of our experts to discuss your options.

No need to panic

To prepare you for this period, we have listed a number of tips for you. First of all, don’t panic! Just relax, because if you don’t keep an overview of the important things that need to be arranged, anything can go wrong. Therefore, keep a good overview of what still needs to be fixed.

Play safe, ship ahead

Secondly, to avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend scheduling the package delivery service for the Valentine’s Day gifts a few days in advance. Valentine’s is a busy and dynamic period for any carrier. Therefore, it is better to play safe and ship the parcels on time so that the surprises arrive on time.

Who offers same day delivery for Valentine’s Day?

No matter what you are shipping, domestically or internationally, the most important thing is to ensure that webshop orders are delivered at your customer’s doorstep on time. This is where fast shipping for Valentine’s Day gift delivery for him (or her) comes in handy. There are a number of couriers that offer fast international shipping as well as local same-day shipping. DHL, UPS and DHL, to name a few. You have access to the delivery solutions for all of these carriers, and many more, via our distribution network of over 100 carriers.

Sender discretion

Furthermore, using your own brands and logos on packages is a great way to increase brand awareness of the organization. However, in some cases the consumer demands discretion. Then it is best to use unmarked parcels. By appearing as inconspicuous as possible, you provide a much more discrete service and won’t ruin any surprises. If possible, you could add a discreet delivery option at checkout, so the customer can choose whether or not the delivery should be modest.

It’s what’s inside the box that matters

During Valentine’s Day, many companies want to use all kinds of attractive packaging, such as materials and bows. However, it is important to ship the item in a cardboard box, as your own luxury packaging could be damaged in transit. To prevent internal damage to your surprise, make sure you fill the package with foam or bubble wrap so that the gift cannot shift in the cardboard box.

Happy customers count

Finally, if you sell gifts such as lingerie, flowers or jewelry, you will have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. But remember, you will never be able to satisfy everyone. There is a chance that clothes are ordered in the wrong size or an unromantic break-up. In that case, the customer will want to return the item. Therefore, make sure you have a clear return policy and don’t surprise your customers unpleasantly. While handling returns may not be the most fun part of doing business, it should be a painless experience for the customer to encourage them to make a purchase from your webshop again in the future. And do you want to outsource parcel returns? Then consider our free and paid return solutions, for all of Europe. Our ReturnYourParcel web service is easy to install. B2C Europe is the trusted European return partner of Amazon, Google and Showroom Privé.

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