How to build trust online

tips  October 30, 2017

When it comes to influencing purchasing decisions and establishing good customer relationships, building trust should be the main priority. As global ecommerce and customer expectations continue to grow at a rapid pace, it becomes increasingly difficult to earn this trust. The fact that there is little personal contact in ecommerce and consumers can’t feel or test the products online, makes it even more complicated.

A good relationship with the customer will usually lead to more sales, including recurring customers on a regular basis. But building trust doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, but a number of strategies can be used to make your brand trustworthy.

Make it personal
People are more likely to make a purchase from a company when they know the face behind it. The reason for this is that people have trust in other people. So by making a website more human, trust will be build. One way of doing this is by adding photos of employees on the website. Another, even better, way is by placing a video of the team[1].

A good relationship with the customer will usually lead to more sales, including recurring customers on a regular basis

Be accessible
One of the most important things is to be accessible. When people can interact with you, you will be credible to them. Whether you can be reached by phone, email, social media or chat, you always need to be there for you customers and respond in time.

When buying a product or service, the consumer has to choose from many providers. Therefore, before making a purchase, the consumer first looks at where this can be done best. Comparing is one of the first steps taken and customer reviews are a very important aspect when doing this. Research shows that 92% of the consumers first read reviews of others before making a purchase. Customer reviews are found more reliable than information from sellers itself. It even turns out that 80% of consumers find online reviews as reliable as personal recommendations from friends and family[2].

Trust seals
In this digital age it’s no longer enough to just ensure your online security to consumers; you need to show it to them. By adding trust seals to your website, you win consumers trust. Trust seals include privacy seals, brand association badges or secure sockets layers[3].

Be honest
This should actually speak for itself, but always be honest and transparent. Only then you will be trustworthy. This means for example that you should always let your customers know if a product is delayed and apologize, respond honestly to negative reviews and ensure that you have reliable products[4].


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