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Learn how B2C Europe and Cubyn help each other grow internationally

Cubyn and B2C Europe connected on the road

A success story describing the collaboration between Cubyn and B2C Europe.

Gain insights into how B2C Europe ensures Cubyn to deliver a competitive delivery experience for their customers.

Optimal delivery experience

Meet Cubyn, a logistics fulfillment company located in France. Or according to the slogan, “the first fulfillment company you will love.” To provide their customers with an optimal delivery experience, they work with a multi-carrier model. This means that Cubyn prefers to work with different last mile carriers for all their destinations.

Such a multi-carrier model is not only cost-effective, but Cubyn can also take advantage of the different features of each carrier and keep their customers satisfied by offering multiple delivery options. That is why B2C Europe is a key partner in their multi-carrier model.

Multi-carrier model

The choice to partner with B2C Europe was mainly focused on the costs at first, and to be able to select a different carrier for all major European destinations. According to Cubyn, B2C Europe offers a solution that aggregates several carriers operating in all Europe, at an attractive cost.

B2C Europe helps Cubyn to propose a fast and complete cross-border delivery experience for their clients Europe-wide. In addition, B2C Europe allows Cubyn to select the carriers that will perform the delivery to the end customer. This creates the best experience for the addressee.

Summarised, B2C Europe is currently a key partner for Cubyn to propose a competitive delivery experience for customers all over Europe.

A successful partnership: Cubyn

"B2C Europe is a key partner in our multi-carrier model. Thanks to B2C Europe, we can search for new markets and enter them easily."

Nicolas Gavazzi, Business Unit Manager at Cubyn

A competitive delivery experience

Cubyn is a trusted customer of B2C Europe for several years. Cubyn happily uses B2C Europe’s Parcel Plus Last Mile solution. They have one point of logistics for their customers and one point of drop off for their products. Therefore, they have the ability to ship parcels effortlessly, anywhere in the world.

Partnership: Cubyn x B2C Europe

The partnership between Cubyn and B2C Europe works really well with a close proximity between the company and the account manager of B2C Europe. Via one point of contact, they have the ability to ask all the questions and concerns for all destinations in Europe, to one person.

The relationship is based on providing constructive feedback and finding solutions on the different open topics. B2C Europe is supporting Cubyn in a context of constant growth. For example, B2C Europe proactively provides information in an emergency. During seasonal periods, B2C Europe sent a daily update about all carriers and their options, so that they could adapt to the situation.

The trust and well-being of Cubyn helps B2C Europe strengthen the relationship with the carriers they work with. A relationship/partnership in which together we care more about the final customer, because a strong B2B partnership is equal to satisfied B2C customers. 

A competitive delivery experience

B2C Europe is a key partner in the multi-carrier model. It is very important for Cubyn to have more than one carrier servicing all destinations. Thanks to this partnership, Cubyn now sends their parcels to all European destinations.

And that’s not it. The collaboration makes it easy to explore and enter new markets. This allows both B2C Europe and Cubyn to grow constantly, a true partnership.

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