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G-Star RAW

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Leading denim brand G-Star RAW designs for the future not simply in terms of style, but also by considering the impacts of its products on people and planet.

B2C Europe, is a leading provider of cross-border distribution and returns solutions in Europe. B2C Europe’s international delivery solutions offers a choice of tracked and untracked services which use the best in-country last mile delivery networks, combining domestic postal operators and couriers.

Cross-border solution

As an international denim brand, G-Star RAW wants to offer its consumers as many trusted last mile delivery options as possible. G-Star RAW therefore looked for a cross-border solution where they have daily access to the parcel networks known to consumers, such as Colissimo, Correos and Poste Italiane. With fast delivery times comparable to what international express carriers can offer.

With B2C Europe we can offer the most optimal delivery experience for g-star.com, outlet.g-star.com and marketplace orders in different countries. Floris Langendoen, Global Logistics Manage at G-Star RAW

The challenge here is that ‘ship-from-store’ is a requirement: if there is no more stock in the distribution center, but there is stock in one of the stores, then G-Star RAW ships the product from a store. This requires that local last mile carriers can also collect parcels from their stores on a daily basis.

Ship-from-store solution

G-Star RAW is a trusted customer since 2017. G-Star RAW uses our Parcel Plus Final Mile and Return Your Parcel solution. B2C Europe developed a custom ship from store solution, for 13 shops in Spain, delivering directly to the end customer.

Selling in-store stock online

For this solution G-Star RAW partnered up with B2C Europe. We manage end-to-end, with a fast and reliable line-haul network to many local last mile carriers. The final mile solution of B2C Europe allows G-Star RAW to choose which last mile carriers are used to deliver and return parcels.

B2C Europe has succeeded in setting up ship-from-store in Spain and in the United Kingdom with local last mile carriers, fully supporting pickups by the IT systems. With B2C Europe G-Star RAW can now offer the most optimal delivery experience for g-star.com, outlet.g-star.com and marketplace orders in different countries.

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