Our data connections for developers

Multiple integrations tools

Batch integration of pre-alert in combination with tracking files and unbranded generic barcode labels.
Easy access to multiple carrier networks without sorting and labels requirements.

API integration for final mile label in combination with tracking files and branded carrier specific labels.

We are an integrated service provider on numerous delivery management and e-commerce software platforms. Enabling online retailers and 3PL companies to easily integrate our services.

Integration steps

We have several options for you to provide data; choose the integration option that suits you best.

1. XML format – Provide data in XML format according to our specifications.
2. CSV format - Provide data in CSV format according to our specifications

The 1st option requires some programming knowledge so option 2 is best suited if you have limited access to IT development. Please inform us about your preference. Based on your choice (XML or CSV format) we will send you the specification to start integrating.

We will arrange a kick-off call together with our customer integration team and account manager

  • Deciding which services to implement.
  • Provide test keys to access our environment.
  • Set an agenda for the implementation.
  • Start the implementation

Our customer integration team will assist you and will be available to answer all the technical questions related to the implementation of our services.

When the implementation phase is passed successfully, you will receive a live authentication key and you will be ready to start shipping using our services.

Just start shipping!

Missing an integration?

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