We help online merchants sell more and spend less when shipping into Europe

Working with our e-delivery product enables you to ship with all carriers through one single contract, improving the total cost of business. Your one-stop plug to a truly integrated parcel supply chain in Europe, for delivery and returns.

  • Deliver faster internationally by using local delivery experts
  • Use best carrier rates in each country​
  • Improve customer journey through better international delivery
  • Save integration costs for carriers and platforms​
  • Local tracking experience for consumers
  • Optimise and reduce clearance cost​
How we work - B2C Europe

Label generation

No more hassle? Opt for our full-service solution in which you print a generic B2C Europe shipping label and B2C Europe weighs, labels and sorts your parcels. Shipments are processed in our warehouses throughout Europe.​

Or request shipping labels via our API, using our Final Mile Label (FML)​ solution. A shipping label is provided in response.​

Bag Processing offers customers the option to pre-alert bags or boxes for bulk processing.​ We offer this solution for Untracked and FML shipments. Request a free-of-charge consultation to discuss the best solution for your business.

With our solutions, you’ll have access to all connected carriers in Europe and the UK.

Label Generation - B2C Europe

Pick-up at warehouse: flexible & reliable

When shipping orders internationally, the pickup of your parcels is the first service that must be considered. Having the items picked up saves time, money, and effort for delivery.

To make this process as smooth as possible, B2C Europe runs a mix of over a dozen vans and trucks that collect 18 hours a day. This allows the benefits of first mile to be achieved. Following the asset-light nature, B2C Europe recurs to partners who normally agree to the route for a defined period, always under the control of B2C Europe’s centralised and local transport departments. Optimising the first mile creates value through flexibility, familiarity, insourcing, data and returning.

Pick up at warehouse - B2C Europe

Linehaul: direct injection into destination

Now that the parcels have been brought in to be processed, sorted and palletized for cross-border traveling, you’ll need to consider how the parcels are transported from one country to another. And this is why we are so unique. B2C Europe takes advantage of its own linehaul matrix.

We offer a reliable and affordable e-commerce solution mostly based on road transportation (within Europe), guaranteeing daily connections with all carrier and postal operators. We manage the flexibility of vehicle choice, should the volume fluctuate either way, always in compliance of injection agreements.

Own linehaul - B2C Europe

Last mile delivery: ship global, act local

The last part of the parcel journey before a parcel reaches the customer is the last mile delivery. It’s regarded as one of the most challenging and expensive segments of the delivery process. Perfecting final mile delivery is critical to delivering a great customer experience.

There are many different carriers per country, some with a domestic focus and others with an international focus. Imagine the entire parcel journey – from your online store to the consumer’s front door – is arranged by one party, with a single point of contact. By partnering with B2C Europe, you can access over 120 carriers on a single IT integration. Plus: the best local service for your consumers, no high transport costs for injection into local carriers and no negotiations with local suppliers on parcel volumes.

Last mile delivery - B2C Europe

Reverse logistics from 19 countries

Returns are your competitive advantage over other online merchants. Having an easy and efficient returns process is essential to meet customer expectations and to control costs. Implementing a simple, easy-to-use returns service in multiple countries is not an easy task.

B2C Europe is the only company that offers seamless centralised return services, on top of international parcel services. The advantage: you don’t need to contact another company for organising a returns network for consumers. So, just a single point of contact for the lifecycle of your international parcels.

Reverse logistics - B2C Europe - How we work