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InterPost Ltd. is the wholesale subsidiary of of B2C Europe Group, located in Slough (UK). Within the B2C Europe Group, Interpost offers domestic and international mail solutions through postal operators which include PostNL, Eestipost and Swedenpost. InterPost has been trading in the industry since 1993 and was founded and is still run by its Managing Director, Martin Hooker.

B2C Europe was founded in 2000 in The Netherlands, as the first independent logistic service provider for cross-border parcels in Europe. From pick-up to last mile, from customs to returns.

That was 20 years ago. Now, B2C Europe ships over 40 million parcels every year via its network of more than 100 carriers. B2C Europe has locations on two continents, across five countries.

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Maersk completes the acquisition of B2C Europe Holding B.V.
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The expert company in cross-border ecommerce in Europe, the USA and China, for destinations into Europe

At B2C Europe, we are full-service: we provide a combination of logistics services that our customers need, to be competitive in foreign markets. Our services include International Parcel & Return Services, Outsourced fulfilment activities and Customs Clearance. International parcel shipping is always part of the services we provide.

For you this means that we have the knowledge, expertise and operational know-how to provide a high-quality service within the requirements of the cross-border ecommerce market. In our markets, that means we offer high reliability, full control, great customer service, high responsiveness, creative solutions, and we do all this using the knowledge, experience and operational capabilities at our disposal.

Unlike express carriers, we offer the flexibility and access to a wide range of options that you might need to expand and to compete in new geographical markets, worldwide.

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Reliable solutions to connect you and your customers with the best logistic services

Our approach to problems and demands of our customers is not restrictive or dismissive. We are dynamic and open-minded in the way we think about distribution.

You can trust that we have the expertise to be able to come up with creative solutions to connect your business with your global target markets, on a reliable, robust and compliant platform. As we are one of the innovators in the cross-border e-commerce market, we constantly look for opportunity how we can tailor our services to meet latest market demands.

We connect you with all the right logistic solutions you need to build your international business.

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