Ecommerce consumer report and profile France 2017


France is ranked as one of the biggest ecommerce countries in the world and has the third largest ecommerce market in Europe, behind only Germany and the UK. With a steady growth of online shoppers and an ever-maturing market, international retailers need to ensure they understand not only the ecommerce market but the local consumer too.

Meet the typical French online shopper

This guide provides a range of insightful information that all online retailers should know when selling into the French market and its consumers. So, if you want to grow your ecommerce business in France or are looking to expand into this lucrative market, then download the guide today.

Gain valuable insights on:

  • Key facts about the French market
  • Interesting stats on the ecommerce market
  • The typical French online shopper
  • Online shopping behaviours of the local consumer
  • Tips when selling in France

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