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Company background

FreestyleXtreme was established 12 years ago. The company’s journey began in a less-than-usual way; by selling sporting products from the back of a van at live events all over Europe. There was such a large demand for these products that the company decided to launch an ecommerce channel and catalogue to take advantage of the growing market.

In 2005, FreestyleXtreme launched its website in six different languages to offer a localised experience and to help build a loyal customer base. This proved to be a significant turning point for the company, which saw its revenue almost double in a matter of months. Since experiencing this business transformation, the ability to offer a local experience has been a key priority for FreestyleXtreme. The website now reads in 13 different languages, features nine currencies and sells to 100 countries. Outside of the UK, the biggest markets for FreestyleXtreme are France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA.

The Challenge

Personalising the customer experience meant more than just translating the web copy and currency. It also required the company to offer a localised delivery and returns policy.

In terms of international returns, FreestyleXtreme wasn’t satisfied with its level of service, as the company and its customers were both having to spend a significant amount to return an item. What’s more, Freestyle Xtreme was using couriers to collect the parcel from the customer and in a lot of cases the courier would arrive late or not at all.

Furthermore, Amazon made changes to its international returns policy which required all sellers to offer a local return address for the customer. Therefore, the company needed a returns solution that allowed the customer to send their unwanted items to a domestic address, or risk not being able to sell through Amazon.

The team at B2C Europe are extremely approachable and knowledgeable. You feel like they are being honest with you.

The selection process

FreestyleXtreme met B2C Europe at a UK trade show. The differentiating factor between B2C Europe and its competitors was the company’s wide international reach and physical presence in 10 countries. By implementing B2C Europe’s solution, FreestyleXtreme is now fully adhering to Amazon’s returns policy, as it could offer customers a convenient way of returning unwanted items.

Ben Richardson, director at FreestyleXtreme commented, “As well as the product benefits of B2C Europe’s solutions, I was also extremely impressed with the staff. For us, it’s important that the people we work with click with us in terms of personality and work ethic. The team at B2C Europe are extremely approachable and knowledgeable. You feel like they are being honest with you”



Ben Richardson, director at FreestleXtreme commented on the implementation process saying, “it couldn’t have been easier. Our staff easily understand the system and can now efficiently service the requirements of our consumers.

“If we encountered any issues we knew that we could pick up the phone to B2C Europe and the issue would be resolved immediately.”

Since implementing B2C Europe’s returns solution

The solution is not only easy for FreestyleXtreme employees to use, it is also simple for the customer. All they need to do is print and stick the returns label onto the parcel, and then drop it to a local post office or depot.

Using B2C Europe’s returns solution has saved FreestyleXtreme thousands a year.

Ben Richardson, director at FreestyleXtreme said: “the solution makes the task of returning so much easier for our customers and us. Currently we are only using B2C Europe’s returns solution for our marketplace customers on eBay and Amazon, but we plan on rolling it out to all of our customers in the future.”

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