New Integration with Consignor


The new integration of B2C Europe’s worldwide distribution solutions provides Consignor users with access to some of the best delivery networks within Europe and beyond.


Consignor, the delivery management platform provides customers ranging from small online start-ups to large third-party logistics companies with a software platform that supports the streamlining of shipping and delivery processes. The software is a complete solution offering customers the tools to ship, track, scan, receive, return and analyse their shipments.

B2C Europe is now available within the ever growing library of carriers in Consignor.

Wouter de Haan, CCO of B2C Europe, says “Consignor are a fanstastic organisation who share the same drive and motivation as we do, to deliver the very best service and provide an exceptional experience for our customers. B2C Europe are extremely excited to be on one of the fastest growing Delivery Management platforms in Europe and are looking forward to offering our cross-border delivery solutions to the growing number of Consignor users.”

About Consignor
Consignor was founded in Norway in 1997 and since then expanded its business through Europe. It’s also active in Denmark (since 2002), Romania (2006), Sweden (2009), Finland (2011), China (2015), United Kingdom (2016) and soon also in Germany and the United States. Consignor handles more than 100 million shipments a year for 10,000+ customers and expects revenues of EUR 20million in 2018.


About B2C Europe

Since 2000, B2C Europe have helped ecommerce companies of all sizes reach their international growth aspirations with innovative cross-border distribution and return services. As an independent logistics provider, B2C Europe’s multi carrier solution utilizes domestic networks to reduce shipping costs and provide a local experience for the end consumer.


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