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Company background

Dutch fashion and lifestyle label JOSH V was founded by Amsterdam-born fashion designer and entrepreneur Josh Veldhuizen in 2011. Josh launched the brand with the aim of producing elegant and stylish clothing that ‘make women’s hearts worldwide skip a beat’.

Over the past six years, JOSH V has become one of the fastest growing fashion and lifestyle brands in Europe, with collections available in eight countries. While the Netherlands remains the brand’s primary market, demand is quickly increasing, particularly in Belgium and Germany.

The challenge

To respond to the new interest from Belgian and German consumers, JOSH V wanted a cost-effective way to ship an increasing number of parcels to these markets, as well as to other European countries.

As an ecommerce seller still in the early stages of growth, the company initially struggled to make shipping across borders cost-effective. The brand simply didn’t take enough orders to make bulk deliveries feasible and the requirement of providing a local returns address added to an already costly process.

Ultimately, we wanted to create a perfectly localised experience for consumers in each country, at a reasonable price.

Without the strong negotiating position which larger, more established players enjoy, the JOSH V team needed to look elsewhere for bulk buying power. E-business manager Bob Jaspers Focks said: “Our delivery partner at the time was failing to be cost-effective for us as a growing brand. We also felt that we were unable to create a personalised experience for our customers in each country using the services we had available. We wanted the last-mile courier to be recognisable to the recipient and to ensure that the returns address was a local one. Ultimately, we wanted to create a perfectly localised experience for consumers in each country, at a reasonable price.”

JOSH V needed a specialist adept at managing the varying levels of delivery-friendly infrastructures in place for ecommerce in each region. Bob continued: “Each country varies in terms of how customers want to receive deliveries, whether that’s collecting from a drop-off point or receiving delivery at home. We needed a delivery partner who had experience and could negotiate these differences on our behalf.”

The solution

Josh V first engaged with B2C Europe in February 2016, following a review of the distribution services provided by a number of different companies. The fundamental reason behind JOSH V’s selection of B2C was its framework of warehouses and international delivery partners. This would provide the fashion label with a local hub in each country.

Bob commented: “It was clear that B2C’s international structure would provide us with a cost-efficient solution, and mean that we could provide a truly localised service for our customers no matter where they are based. What’s more, B2C’s European hubs and the vast number of carrier contacts available to the organisation means they’ll always find the right price, and will deliver on exactly the service we need. It was a straight-forward decision really.”

Full implementation of the service was completed in June 2016. The B2C Europe services used by JOSH V include Parcelplus, Mailplus, and ReturnYourParcel. B2C is now in the process of integrating Collect Your Parcel for JOSH V to further improve the customer’s returns experience.

The benefits

Josh V has benefited from the local power and presence of B2C Europe over the last 12 months. The team no longer needs to be in contact with each of its local delivery suppliers to ensure parcels are delivered in each of their customer territories, freeing up time as well as removing logistical headaches.

JOSH V has also made significant savings through B2C’s bargaining power to obtain good rates from suppliers. These savings have been invested elsewhere in the business to drive it forward – helping JOSH V to reach volumes of more than 15,000 parcels in 2016.

Bob commented: “We have a complete solution with B2C Europe. The service has matched quality with affordability and has been exactly what we needed to overcome the cross-border delivery challenge we were presented with as a growing business.

“During peak times, JOSH V now has days when over 1,000 orders are received. With the business picking up, the JOSH V team is confident that we have a solution that will scale up as we continue to grow and expand internationally.”

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