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B2C Europe

Clever connections. No boundaries.
That's what B2C is all about.

We see challenges and opportunities everywhere.
There is always a better way.

& Flexible
We stand apart. Independent and flexible in our collaboration with logistic parties, your interest always comes first.
Clever & Creative
Keeping a constant watch on the logistic horizon, we're always on the lookout for clever and creative solutions. The right combinations and connections to stretch the boundaries.
Open & Sincere
Transparency first. We believe that being open and straight forward is the only way to build business and lasting relationships. In work and in life. We know you do too.
Expertise & Glocal
We talk logistics, know logistics, breathe logistics. Based in 9 countries, local logistic customs hold no mystery for us. Therefore, we always come up with the best fit for you and your global customer needs.

You have ambitious goals. Expanding your business. Challenging the status quo.

So do we. This is why we're such a great match!

Team up with us

The founder

We've always done it this way. Why change?

Why not change? There is always a better way

Rijk van Meekeren founded B2C Europe together with José Vega. He worked for many years at established logistic companies.
And he started to wonder, why?

Why do online retailers use local post office for their domestic deliveries. But for international deliveries they use integrators or couriers?
He thought that was strange.

So he came up with a solution that is more cost effective and client friendly and changed the global logistics game. Since then he started questioning many other logistic solutions. Since then he started B2C Europe. Setting the standard with innovative and reliable solutions.
Changing the logistics industry.

That was almost 20 years ago. We still don’t take no for an answer. We keep questioning the status quo.
We love to stretch and grow. With you.

If we can't fix it, no one else can.

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