GLOCAL. Adjective.
Reflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.
‘in the Web 2.0 era, every public institution has already been transformed into a glocal enterprise’

We are ONE Europe
but we're NOT

Europe is a great ecommerce market
but complicated

Different languages
Different governmental rules, regulations, VAT
Different return policy
Different consumer habits and needs

This all makes it complex to expand your ecommerce business in Europe

Don't go any further
We're your European Logistics Control Tower

We know our languages
Inside out

We know your European customer habits and preferences
Inside out

We know local rules and regulations
Inside out

We know how to combine
domestic postal authorities & the best courier networks worldwide

Locations on 3 continents in 9 countries
Strong European Presence

Let us help you to conquer the European ecommerce market

Reach your full potential
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