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Meet the crew Our board

This is Kees
Our Captain

Kees van Ginkel has a long track record in the logistics industry. A true entrepreneurial spirit, he thrives under the challenge to expand businesses into high gear. And organize it in an excellent way. Kees is a survivor and an optimist by heart. Run over by a tractor as a teenager, setbacks only made him more resilient. He lives with his wife and a 60-year-old parrot in the Netherlands.

Here is Rijk

Rijk van Meekeren founded B2C Europe together with José Vega in 2000. His eyes start to sparkle and his blood runs faster whenever he sees an opportunity to do things in a better – more clever – way. Rijk holds an MBA and has an extensive background in international sales logistics and general management. He lives with his wife and their Italian Water Dog in the Netherlands.

Encounter Bart

Bart Ybema is the kind of guy who wears a pencil behind his ear, always busy, never done. He gets excited by details. And really excited whenever he sees a financial opportunity to do things for less. Accounting is his business as well as delivering the double-digit growth into profit. Outside the office he’s just as fanatic as a runner. And he just bought a racing bike to hit 80 km a weekend - no less.

Meet the crew Our management

Bump into Hanneke
Our IT Director and Program Manager

Hanneke Vogelaar is a very driven person. And a perfectionist too. Always looking for opportunities by connecting people and focusing on results. Though there is no such thing as perfection, this combination makes her perfect both for IT and program management. Cheerful and open, Hanneke is the natural glue between the departments and all different projects. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and three children.

Let's present Antal
Our ICT Architecture Director

Always into the latest gadgets, Antal Hollaar wouldn’t be caught dead with last season’s iPhone. A computer nerd by heart, but without the messy hair and glasses, he could be the roommate of Mark Zuckerberg. Antal is always looking for better and smarter ways to process our data and help our customers. He spends his free time between his two daughters, hockey and DIY - working on his house, like the Sagrada Familia, that never finishes.

Aquí está José
Our Network Development Director

José Vega looks Spanish, talks Spanish, but is Dutch. A Pit Bull by nature, he never lets go. He puts his money where his mouth is. This and an extensive background in international sales and logistics makes him the right man for our network development. José co-founded B2C Europe together with Rijk. An entertainer by heart he knows every restaurant in the city. José loves animals - only for dinner - and lives in Madrid with his Spanish wife and children.

Face to face with Niels
Our Operations Director

What career challenge is next for a former Air Mission Commander at the Royal Netherlands Airforce and pilot of Apache attack helicopters? What is still exciting after leading missions far away? The answer is B2C. Niels Potters recognizes himself in our challenging DNA. He believes in synergy - with real teamwork, everything is possible. He does so too in his free time, playing rugby.

Last but not least ...

Let's introduce Myrna
Our HR Director

Myrna van der Poel likes the good things in life - good company, good food and traveling. In her private life, she loves to do good for charity. In work, she is focused on making changes work for people, because people are the company. Therefore a growing company like B2C is for her the ideal place to be. Myrna lives with her soulmate in the Netherlands.

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