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Meet the crew

This is Jasper

Jasper Schrijver is our interim CEO. He has a long track record in making companies better and more competitive. He is very result driven with a strong client focus. Outside the office he likes to play golf and spend time with family and friends.

Meet the crew Our management

Encounter Bart

Bart Ybema is the kind of guy who wears a pencil behind his ear, always busy, never done. He gets excited by details. And really excited whenever he sees a financial opportunity to do things for less. Accounting is his business as well as delivering the double-digit growth into profit. Outside the office he’s just as fanatic as a runner. And he just bought a racing bike to hit 80 km a weekend - no less.

Bump into Hanneke
Our IT Director and Program Manager

Hanneke Vogelaar is a very driven person. And a perfectionist too. Always looking for opportunities by connecting people and focusing on results. Though there is no such thing as perfection, this combination makes her perfect both for IT and program management. Cheerful and open, Hanneke is the natural glue between the departments and all different projects. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and three children.

Catch up with Wouter

Wouter de Haan was running an e-commerce business in China, when the Founders of B2C Europe approached him with the idea of setting up a country office in China. Inspired by the opportunities in the market and the fast-paced domestic players, Wouter took on the challenge. Four years later and with the China business booming, Wouter was up for a new challenge (and his family was ready to go home...). Next up: World Domination, and finally running that Marathon...

Face to face with Niels
Our Operations Director

What career challenge is next for a former Air Mission Commander at the Royal Netherlands Airforce and pilot of Apache attack helicopters? What is still exciting after leading missions far away? The answer is B2C. Niels Potters recognizes himself in our challenging DNA. He believes in synergy - with real teamwork, everything is possible. He does so too in his free time, playing rugby.

Meet with Martijn
Our Carrier Management Director

Martijn van der Geer is an openminded personality, pragmatic and creative. Some people may ask why he’s in the industry, being an historian. The answer is simple, for the roles he plays you need the skills and lessons from the past. With humour and insight, he is motivated by B2C Europe to get people and business to the next level. He likes a challenge or two, as well as being a sporty guy, he can also fix your car and boat too.

Let's introduce Myrna
Our HR Director

Myrna van der Poel likes the good things in life - good company, good food and traveling. In her private life, she loves to do good for charity. In work, she is focused on making changes work for people, because people are the company. Therefore a growing company like B2C is for her the ideal place to be. Myrna lives with her soulmate in the Netherlands.

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