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Return your parcel

Create a seamless experience for your customer

Offer a seamless return solution to your customer

Implementing a simple return service for multiple countries is no walk in the park. It costs a lot of time, energy and money. So how to ensure a seamless return solution for you and your consumers? With Return Your Parcel, you can offer Free-to-consumer or Paid-by-consumer labels and provide label instructions in the local language. After being dropped off at the local post office, the returns are transported to our international HUBs via our line-haul and finally dropped off of your warehouse. Guess what’s best about our solution: we provide a domestic returns experience for your customer. Together with our European road transport network, we provide a full end-to-end and cost effective international returns solution.

By developing a customer-oriented policy instead of cost-oriented, you make returns as easy and simple as possible for customers. A clear returns process increases your customers’ trust, more online shopping purchases, fewer abandoned carts, and therefore, a competitive advantage. So let’s get started.

More about the easiest returns solution

Track & trace available
Max 15 kg
Max 60x40x40 cm
Local scan within 3 days
Label instructions available in 16 languages
Fast reimbursement for your customers
Pre-paid or consumer-paid labels available

How does it work?

1. Register

To become a customer, click here and complete the form.

2. Receive details

We will send you the rates, terms and conditions and the login details of the sellers’ portal.

3. Enter sellers’ portal

Login to our portal, this portal allows you to enter or upload return data and generate Free to consumer or Paid by consumer returns labels for your customers.

4. Send return labels

Our sellers’ portal will allow you to send returns labels by email to the customer.

5. Select paid or free service for each package

For each individual return shipment, you can select a “Free to consumer” or “Paid by consumer” label.

6. Print return label

The customer will print the returns label and affix this to the return package.

7. Payment

We will charge your credit card or debit your bank account or send you a weekly invoice.

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