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We are your independent specialist in last mile delivery. Our European distribution network and warehouses are at your disposal for you to optimise your cross-border parcel delivery. You have access to all major carriers, with just one point of contact. It means that you’ll save time and money so you can stay focused on growing your business internationally. Our platforms offer a simple tool to manage your shipments and track your parcels.

Customer Pages is a portal developed specifically for our customers; e-commerce platforms and 3PL businesses. It’s a simple tool used for optimising process workflows, facilitating easy communication with you, our customer. Company workflows are optimised by easy access and sharing information. You can manage all your shipments in one place, manage orders and create shipments instantly in the dashboard. Simply import orders, upload CSVs, or sync directly from your e-commerce store.

TrackYourParcel is a B2C Europe solution designed to make shipment tracking easy for online sellers and buyers. It’s a platform with a simple and intuitive interface, that you can offer your customers to easily check the delivery status of a parcel.

Customer Pages

With Customer Pages you’ll have instant access to our end-to-end network, and all services of our connected carriers. It’ll help optimise your international parcel delivery and create a local delivery experience for your customers. Your parcels are injected into our linehaul directly and handed over to the local carrier.


  • Setup connection to marketplaces and platforms
  • Upload/import orders manually and automatically from marketplaces and platforms
  • Manage uploaded and imported orders
  • View track & trace
  • Manage returns, invoices and inquiries
  • Damage refund on insured products
  • Contact our Customer Service team

Track Your Parcel: flawless tracking

Within our Track Your Parcel platform, you and your customers have full visibility of the parcel’s journey, with real time accurate tracking for all carriers. You can share tracking info on a branded tracking page and use our automated shipping tool to ensure an amazing customer experience. Plus, Track Your Parcel will relief your Customer Service operation by at least 64% less calls and e-mail traffic.


  • Real-time international tracking
  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Automated updates on status

So, ready to offer updated tracking at each step of the delivery process? Discover exactly what our processes look like.

And what about returns?

Our consumer friendly and affordable returns solution gives you access to a local return solution within 24 hours. With pre-paid and consumer paid options available, Return Your Parcel is an integrated returns service from 19 European countries. Straightforward and easy-to-use, choose between our returns portal or our API solution.

Customer Pages

With our Customer Pages platform, we offer you an easy-to-use customer portal solution where you can process your orders, in a unified way, from the different platforms and marketplaces you use.
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With TrackYourParcel, you provide your customers a branded, dynamic end-to-end Track & Trace system with full visibility. From the moment of pre-alert until the moment of delivery.
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