International parcel services

Accelerate your cross-border business effortlessly

Ship global, act local

We are your independent specialist in last mile delivery. Our European distribution network and warehouses are at your disposal for you to optimise your cross-border parcel delivery. You have access to more than 100 carriers, with just one point of contact. It means that you’ll save time and money so you can stay focused on growing your business internationally. Customs and returns are also included in our services.

We offer tracked and untracked solutions, so you can send packages to multiple destinations. B2C Europe offers reliable and affordable solutions for sending packages internationally. Whatever and wherever you ship. We offer the best logistics solutions in to over 220 destinations worldwide, with daily access to:

  • 34 domestic carrier networks
  • 13 domestic PUDO networks
  • 14 international postal networks
  • 4 global express networks around Europe
About B2C Europe

International parcel services with B2C Europe

More customers, in more countries, with less efforts. Having us manage your international shipping means you can continue to focus on your business. We ensure that your logistics process is optimised. As a result, you can enter new and existing markets easier, guarantee fast shipments and ultimately, have satisfied customers and more sales.

Increase sales and reduce costs

You can benefit from our economies of scale in parcel pricing, meaning that you don’t have to negotiate with all carriers worldwide or make large investments to inject parcels into different countries. In short, we take care of the entire logistics process, so that you can focus on what you are good at. More sales, less costs and satisfied customers.

The benefits of international parcel services


Returning daily the undeliverable parcels on the same route

Having flexibility on quantities of parcels to be collected

34 domestic carrier networks

13 domestic PUDO networks

14 international postal networks

One contact, one contract

Our platforms

Customer Pages

With our Customer Pages platform, we offer you an easy-to-use customer portal solution where you can process your orders, in a unified way, from the different platforms and marketplaces you use.
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With TrackYourParcel, you provide your customers a branded, dynamic end-to-end Track & Trace system with full visibility. From the moment of pre-alert until the moment of delivery.
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