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Almere, The Netherlands · Side job / On call

Want to join our crew
and make a difference from day one?

What you'll do

B2C Europe continuously offers positions for interns (bachelor and master level) and student-assistants for different departments.

Fancy a project on logistics, data and ICT, sales and marketing or management and business administration?

Some examples of what can keep you busy:

Data  Analysis of revenue and margin developments, mainly helping us with getting more grip on revenue developments.

Marketingplan green and social delivery network. Get better understanding of market at demand and supply side and develop a business plan.

Consultative selling approach: Generate reporting and information pack of carrier information and real time carrier data comparison dash board. To be used internally and for customers.

And there’s much more!


What it takes

Brainpower and energy!

You are available for a set period (internship) or for 2 or more days a week for a longer period.

Your intelligence and level of working is more important than your study. Commercial and marketing, Logistics, Business & management, ICT: we welcome everybody who understands the fun of being a frontrunner in the ecommerce field.

‘There is always a better way’ is your way of life and what a coincidence!? That happens to be our company pay off as well.

What we offer

A lot of fun and great experience in a dynamic, young and fast growing company.

Depending on your job, we offer remuneration that matches the level of your job.

We have all facilities to work for us without being physically at the office all time, so we are as flexible as you are. (You do miss part of the fun though!)

And you know what? We grow! So, there might be a position for you after your graduation…

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